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Unique Sound System Delivers a Concert in the Car

(Aug 23, 2013) IRVINE, Calif. - There are 14 high performance speakers in the new Infiniti Q50 that deliver a concert experience right inside of the car. This is the company’s first ever application of Bose Advanced Staging Technology.

"Advanced staging technology is about presenting the sound in a fashion that is as life-like as possible," said Tobe Barksdale with Bose.

The Infiniti relationship with Bose dates back to 1989. The result has been a progressively steady partnership bringing premium sound directly into Infiniti vehicles.

"For the Q50 specifically, the entire product planning team worked directly with Bose to create a signature Infiniti audio sound, and the Q50 will be the first vehicle that brings this sound strategy and experience to market," said Victor Nguyen with Infiniti product planning.

Bose takes a targeted approach to every sound stage. Audio testing requires precision and isolation both with home and car equipment, but Bose engineers say creating car audio systems can be even more challenging. "[The] car cabin is extremely different compared to a home living room environment. There are a lot of reflective surfaces that can sharply affect the sound," said Hiroshi Miyazaki with Bose.

Bose engineers said their advanced staging technology is meant to deliver a front-row concert experience for front seat passengers. The system includes three ten-inch woofers to enhance sound pressure and create deep frequencies. The remaining 11 speakers are aligned to optimize the cabin’s acoustics.

"When you actually crank up the audio system with the powerful 10-inch speakers in the front doors as well as one in the rear, I believe the consumers will not only hear the impact, but they will feel that impact in their chest, in their bodies, just like they would at a live concert," said Miyazaki. 

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